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Silicone protective cover for Airpods Pro headphones

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Airpods Pro silicone case manufacturers
Product Description :1.Material: environmentally friendly medical silicone, surface spray rubber oil2.Features: soft texture, anti-vibration; prevent dirt, scraping and wear; accurate charging hole, comprehensive protection, small size and portable, anti-lost.Package include:1  headphone cover (note: other items in the product image are not included)
Airpods Pro silicone case manufacturers

First of all, the Bluetooth headset silicone protective cover feel delicate, beautiful, light color are many kinds, can also be other different designs; Secondly, the silicone protective cover and shockproof effect, if you are not careful not to hold well, fell to the ground is not to break the Bluetooth headset; Then there is a silicone material has a non-slip effect, but also to reduce the number of times not hold well and fall Bluetooth headset; Finally is the airpods shell is easy to scratch, set the silicone protective cover can also prevent the headset shell is scratched.
airpods bluetooth headset case silicone cover role Dirty how to clean? 
1, if stained with dust, available with water can simply rinse.
2, if it is difficult to remove stains, such as lipstick, paintbrush, etc., you can soak in warm water, and then wipe with a rag.
3, if it is credit oil, industrial oil, etc., can be a little hot water soak for a while, and then in the use of detergent to remove oil stains.
4, if it is stained with paint, correction fluid and other things that are difficult to remove, you need to add the appropriate phase-in, and then take the old toothbrush for scrubbing operation before cleaning the silicone headset.
5, if you want to disinfect, available after boiling water for cleaning or even directly into the disinfection pot for a short time!
Airpods Pro silicone case manufacturers
Airpods Pro silicone case manufacturers
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