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silkscreen strap production process

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All printing silicone watch band has a necessary production process, that is, screen printing process, screen printing process is often completed after the button products are not wear-resistant or force rubbing a few times the color of the screen printed characters lighter, then Texlink take you to introduce the silicone button screen printed characters easy to wipe off the reason.
   If the surface of the silicone watch band is not clean, or because of the preparation of other substances and pollution, then in the screen printing process, the ink can not be completely and silicone products adsorption, so that the ink is not completely penetrated into the silicone keys, it is easy to cause the characters a wipe off the situation. When the silicone button surface screen printing process is completed, the surface is sprayed with a layer of wear-resistant PU ink, which can enhance the feel of the silicone button surface, we also call the feel oil.
   After the screen printing process, the general screen printing need to go through high temperature baking in order to let the ink dry in the shortest possible time, so that it can be thoroughly adsorbed to the surface of the silicone keys, if the temperature does not meet the requirements in the process of high temperature baking or baking time is too short, then the screen printing ink can not be completely cured, but also cause the characters to fall off once wiped. Can be evenly coated with colorless nail polish on the surface of the jewelry, the principle is like painting the item with a waterproof coating, especially the jewelry joint buckle is easy to be worn, but also to apply more layers to strengthen the protection, that is, you can keep the color, but also anti-allergy. In addition, silkscreen printing ink for silicone watch bands can also occur if the quality of the ink deteriorates and quality problems occur due to environmental and human factors, causing the characters to fall off as soon as they are wiped. You can also use the drip glue process not only to make the surface of the silicone button character wear life to the extreme, and can significantly improve the overall beauty of the silicone button