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How long does a silicone puff last? Advantages and disadvantages of silicone puffs

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How long can silicone puffs last?


Use it until you don't want to use it. The silicone puff has the characteristic of being able to easily concave fold, not easy to age deformation, not dirty, can always use. If you use it yourself, and there is no skin disease, basically until you can't look at it anymore, it's okay to change a piece. If often used, it is recommended to have 2 pieces can be replaced to clean the use. Silicone rubber and human skin elasticity is similar, does not contain harmful substances.
Advantages and disadvantages of silicone puff

The first is the appearance, although the price is cheap but feel the texture is still good, quite some thickness, if and makeup sponge to do comparison can be seen to be smaller. The first use of the technique is the same as the foundation sponge on the face to apply, but unfortunately, although the skin feels comfortable when applying makeup, but the foundation is difficult to spread evenly. It is a good idea to use a light patting technique to complete the process of applying makeup. The silicone puff provides better coverage and a heavier feel, and after a while the skin and foundation will blend better.
Advantages: easy to clean, rinse with water to get clean, durable (no mold problems), save foundation (thrifty good assistant), strong concealer (face more flaws may want to try)
Disadvantages: not easy to deal with details (because the edge of this silicone puff does not fit the face), slow makeup (because you can not use the way to apply makeup, silicone area and relatively small, and the process of tapping on the makeup is quite tedious)
Is silicone powder puff good?

Silicone puff feel texture is still quite good, and the price is also very cheap, with a certain thickness, and makeup sponge compared to the smaller, and easy to clean, with water directly on the very clean, and very durable, do not worry about mold problems, to save the foundation, concealing ability is also very strong, but silicone puff for some details on the handling is not so good, the speed of makeup is also very slow, in the makeup process is very tedious and difficult to apply evenly, so this puff has advantages and disadvantages, relatively speaking, not as good as the ordinary powder puff.
How to use silicone puff?

The puffs or makeup brushes are usually used to put the base product evenly on the face, and then pushed away with beauty tools, in addition to making the makeup more evenly applied and avoiding the base product being absorbed by beauty tools. The silicone puff is a great way to get the most out of a silicone puff, so you don't have to worry about wasting it. The method of use is no different from that of a puff, which is to push it out evenly. The editor himself did not try it, but the uniformity of the silicone itself to grasp the powder to be considered, the video shot is not bad. This product must be used with the amount of attention, thin coating effect will be better. The ipsa transparent powder puff is currently a non-sale item in Japan, and will only be given away if you buy foundation at a counter for 6,000 yen. The texture is soft and comfortable on the face, because it has the characteristic of being able to easily concave fold, it can perfectly fit the curved dead corners of the face, even the corners of the eyes, nose and other details can be evenly applied to take care of the location. Similar products are already available in Taiwan. Although I haven't tried it directly, I can't verify how effective the makeup is, but the washing and cleanliness will indeed be more guaranteed.