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Do silicone placemats work well?

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Nowadays, people's lives are becoming more and more sophisticated and monotonous dining rooms will be decorated with silicone placemats. As the name implies, silicone placemats are mats for the dining table. With the function of anti-slip and anti-scald, it can well protect the table from being burned. Especially nowadays, silicone placemats are made of different colors and shapes, which can greatly increase the fun on the table. So do silicone placemats really work well?

  Functions of silicone placemats
  Quiet and appropriate for dining at the table. For children who commonly use the glass dining table at home, most people will have this experience. With pots and pans on the table, the sound of ping pong balls is always inevitable. At this point, prepare a few silicone placemats, can effectively eliminate this unpleasant noise.
  Insulation to protect the dining table. Silicone placemats are first and foremost designed to protect the dining table. Especially when using a simple or elegant solid wood table at home, silicone placemats can provide good insulation and prevent damage to the table due to overheating dishes. Of course, there are special pot mats, coasters and dish mats that are not shown here due to space limitations, but they are mainly used for heat insulation.

  Easy to clean, clean and sanitary. Compared to tablecloths that cover the entire table, silicone placemats are relatively small, portable, and much easier to clean. Cleaning silicone placemats daily is not an exaggeration. Virgins no longer need to worry about greasy and vegetable smells on the table, because they won't be wiped clean.
  Pure beauty that is pleasing to the eye. No matter what you choose, looking good is a very important factor! To be happy with a meal, all aspects must look beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Be careful at key moments and create a relaxed mood. Maybe you can get twice the results with half the effort ~