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The Safest Pacifiers for Your Baby

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Parents choose the products they expose their babies to every day. For many families, pacifiers are a staple and a lifesaver. However, not all pacifiers are effective. When it comes to their favorite comfort tool, babies are demanding. You also have a checklist - the biggest requirement is that the pacifier you rely on is safe for your baby.
  Things to consider when choosing a soother
  Bottles, sippy cups, teething rings, pacifiers - everything that goes in your baby's mouth is a big deal. Pacifiers, in particular, will stay in your baby's mouth for long periods of time, including sleep, car rides, outings or anytime, just for comfort.
  Is the pacifier made of safe materials? Will my baby choke on it? Will the soother damage their gums or teeth? First-time parents can research carefully to determine the safest pacifier for their baby. Older parents may swear by certain brands. Your baby will eventually decide which soother he or she likes best.
  What you can do is make sure that the pacifier you let your child choose is made of materials you are comfortable with.
  You can purchase soothers with patented venting holes, orthodontic designs, or even soothers that can be distributed to promote oral health. Some soothers come with light-up handles so that babies (and sleep-deprived parents) can quickly locate the soother in the dark of night. And, if you want to be cute, you can find pacifiers decorated with fake whiskers, disguises, animals, stars, and more.
  Ultimately, it's up to each parent to decide which pacifier is best and safest for their baby, what makes it easy for everyone to rest at night, and whether sustainability is a priority.