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Why is the silicone oil brush so popular with the public? Do silicone oil brushes really w

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Why are silicone oil brushes so popular? With the increasing awareness of silicone products, the silicone products industry is gradually emerging. Among them, silicone oil brush is one of the most popular silicone oil products. Silicone oil brush is mainly produced and processed by secondary vulcanization of metal encapsulation. The product has good toughness and has a length of 30MM and a handle length of 220MM. It can be used with confidence and will not cause burns. The multi-component inhalation solution is placed into the real object. The product is easy to clean and easy to use and environmentally friendly.
  Why are silicone oil brushes so popular? What are the advantages of silicone oil brushes compared to ordinary brushes?
  Silicone oil brush is molded from food grade silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, resistant to -40°C ~ 230°C high and low temperatures, good heat insulation, anti-scalding, no linting, washable and reusable, widely used for baking (making cakes, bread), greasing, applying oil or liquid on mold surfaces (waffle molds, snapper molds), oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator . With oil brush, so many companies will find factories to customize silicone placemats with their logo for advertising and promotion, brand promotion, event commemoration, etc.
  Silicone oil brush can be said to be a kind of kitchen utensil preferred by both Chinese and foreign countries. As a tableware with comparative advantages in the production of edible oils and condiments, it has met our requirements in terms of performance, production and processing. It can also meet different testing and certification requirements.

  In daily cooking, we need certain high temperature requirements, so naturally the brush head of silicone brush needs to have certain temperature requirements for temperature. Then, the raw materials of silicone products can withstand the high and low temperatures that must be reached. Generally speaking, the raw materials for silicone brushes must be of safe, edible grade and meet the quality requirements of being non-toxic, odorless and free of impurities, so the materials must be strictly selected.
  Workmanship is even more important. Silicone brushes must pay more attention to the brush head part. Since the brush head of silicone brushes is too long and the bottom discharge process is not precise enough during the mold making process, the brushes made may produce burrs. Or if a breakage occurs, then in the mold, attention needs to be paid to whether the brush head holes of the brush line up in the proper position.

  Why are silicone oil brushes so popular? Silicone oil brushes can meet the needs of people very well. Silicone oil brush has been recognized by more and more people. Of course, there are many silicone product factories in the market, and the quality of silicone products varies. When buying, everyone must acknowledge the regular silicone product factories.