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LED silicone neon light features outstanding, interpretation of a different kind of beauty

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Silicone neon light is one of the most promising products in the development of LED lighting, and deservedly so. It has the advantages of high brightness, long life, safety and energy saving, easy installation, more dustproof and heat resistant, etc. It has the characteristics of bright, beautiful and dynamic neon light. Electric light source is irreplaceable and is in the lead in the continuous emergence and competition of various new light sources.

  Silicone neon is the most popular LED breakthrough product that has emerged in recent years. It has emerged to make up for the shortcomings of glass neon and fiber optics, and is more flexible and convenient to use, thus gaining more recognition and love from industry professionals and users. Compared with traditional neon lights, LED silicone neon lights have outstanding features.

  Easy to install: It can be installed in various places including gypsum board, fixed on the wall or supported by brackets, or hung under the roof.
  Easy to maintain: Any scissors can be cut and maintained.
  Low voltage: Since its light source is LED, it can work normally even under 24V voltage.
  Super high brightness: The light source is made of super high brightness LEDs in series, and the encrypted arrangement is the guarantee of the overall luminous effect and high brightness.
  Longer service life: Improved on the basis of LED technology, the flexible neon light has a longer service life.
  Energy saving: The LEDs at each point of the silicone neon are cold light, emitting only low heat, saving more than 70% of energy consumption cost.
  Arbitrary bending: High flexibility, can be decorated into different patterns or words according to user's needs.
  Colorful: good color rendering index, colorful and adjustable.
  Safe and environmental protection: It can work normally under low voltage and can be touched. Use LED manufacturing low carbon and environmental protection; and not fragile, easy to transport long distance.