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Introduction to the role and advantages and disadvantages of silicone kneading pads for ho

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Silicone kneading mat home use role and advantages and disadvantages, silicone kneading mat for the family is a relatively good tool. Silicone type kneading mat is much better than the traditional wooden board, which is easy to breed bacteria, not easy to be cleaned after use, and take up more space can not be folded.

Silicone kneading mat in the home can make buns, buns, bread, etc. Silicone kneading mat anti-stick effect is much better than the wooden counter, and there are rulers around the four scale. There is also a pizza size in the center, the wooden board does not have a scale, and it is much more difficult to operate than the silicone kneading mat, it is simply tailored for families. Not only silicone kneading mat, there is also a silicone baking mat, baking mat advantage is that it can withstand high temperatures higher than 220 degrees non-toxic products very safe.
In order to improve the practicality and functional variety, some silicone baking mats have a scale and size, used to assist in the baking process may encounter the situation. Baking silicone baking mat generally has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high temperature resistance, good anti-slip properties, easy to clean up. It is a very convenient and practical tool when baking. Silicone baking mat price, silicone kneading mat price is a little higher than the wooden case, but the use of life to be very high, but also more convenient to clean up, folding storage, etc..