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What are the benefits of silicone grill brushes

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Silicone barbecue brush is made of food-grade silicone material molded at high temperature, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and tough, resistant to high temperature 230℃, oil and dirt, and will not be deformed in the barbecue process, mainly used in the barbecue process to brush oil or brush condiments.
silicone grill brushes
Silicone barbecue brush alias silicone oil brush, silicone brush, in addition to the barbecue, can also be used in daily life, such as frying eggs need to touch the oil evenly. Silicone barbecue brush has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistance, barbecue brush oil will not produce harmful substances, and will not lose hair.
In terms of personal hobby, hands-on automatic barbecue is a good choice, choose silicone barbecue brush to replace the traditional brush can effectively avoid the possibility of bristles are baked, burned off. And in personal DIY barbecue due to inexperience will be burned hands, and silicone oil brush in the beginning of the design has considered such a problem, so the handle has been lengthened to deal with the brush head has also been designed, the distance between each bristle is also in as far as possible next to each other, so it will be more effective to make each piece of food have brush.
Silicone barbecue brush handle is designed with hanging holes, in the use of the process can be very convenient to hang on the side of the barbecue grill, and when not in use when the storage also has a very convenient role.