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The benefits and drawbacks of silicone earcups for headphones

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Currently, the major brands of headphones or better quality headphones use silicone earrings, which are usually expensive. Or it is usually used by enthusiasts or professionals. So the problem arises because it is not known which headphone ear cups will be of good or bad quality, but it is difficult for a novice to distinguish the quality of the product. Especially for thousands of headphones, the price may be close to the price of leather earmuffs (leather earmuffs), so it is less expensive and thinner outside, will it be worse than leather? Today, silicone earcups manufacturers will tell you how good or bad these headphones are.
1, Production technology. While genuine leather earmuffs can usually only be sewn or glued together, silicone earmuff manufacturers can use high-cycle technology, sometimes even combining high-cycle technology with sewing technology, when manufacturing protein earmuffs. It not only has good appearance, but also has greater tensile performance, i.e. similar appearance and micro closure effect, but can pass various tension tests like sewn earmuffs.

2、Abrasion resistance. Ordinary silicone earmuff manufacturers produce protein earmuffs in 3 to 5 years of normal use, usually no problem, both in terms of tensile and scratch resistance can be compared with genuine leather. Protein leather products, its breathability is far better than animal leather.

3、Production cost. Silicone earmuffs (headphone earmuffs) are no longer as simple as the traditional design of a round or oval, but increasingly humane, closer to the shape of the human ear, more consideration for different people. Silicone earmuffs manufacturers have to admit that the shape of irregular leather, silicone earmuffs in the loss of material will be significantly higher than the original.