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Silicone condiment bowls are popular, are they really safe?

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With the development of society, people today are increasingly attracted to convenience and speed. Therefore, the popularity of silicone folding products is changing our lives. They are really too practical especially for those who travel outdoors or on business trips. I always feel uneasy when using external items. It's safer to use your own.  , especially for those who come in contact with food. Traditional stainless steel or ceramic bowls are inconvenient to carry and take up too much space. The look of the silicone folding bowl reflects its value. Why are silicone condiment bowls so popular? Is it really safe? What are its advantages? I will briefly explain it to you today.

  Silicone condiment bowls are made of high-temperature vulcanized food-grade material. The material is delicate and soft, harmless to humans, and safe and non-toxic at high temperatures, so it can be used without worry. It has the following advantages.
  1. Easy to carry - when you go out, you can fold it up and put it in a bag, it does not take up space and is very convenient to carry.
  2. Light weight, traditional stainless steel, ceramic or glass bowls are heavier, while silicone bowls are lighter.
  Unbreakable - silicone products are resistant to falling because of their soft material, which is different from traditional bowls that will break when dropped.
  4. Vibrant colors - Traditional bowls (such as ceramic) only come in one color. Although they can be printed with patterns, they are also relatively simple colors. Silicone condiment bowls can be printed with a variety of patterns, even 3D effects, to bring color to life.
  5. Safety - As the standard of living has improved, health has become a top priority. I think this is everyone's top priority. Silicone seasoning bowl is made of food-grade silicone raw materials by high temperature vulcanization, non-toxic and tasteless. It will not produce harmful substances to human body! The product can pass the food grade test to be safe and non-toxic.