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Four ways to clean silicone products

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     Silicone products are getting more and more popular, other supplies cleaning is less, but some silicone products like kitchenware or protection class products cleaning chances are much more, now let me introduce to you the method of cleaning silicone products:

1. toothpaste: use toothpaste to clean the silicone cover, with a soft cotton cloth repeatedly wipe, enough to achieve the cleaning effect, toothpaste is a very good cleaning tool.
         2. rubber: rubber to wipe if you can clean out the spoils, if your protective cover on the dirt is not very serious case, with rubber wipe a few times, and then please wash with water can be, also has a good cleaning effect.
         3. Clear water: rinse with clear water, soap if there is grease, then rinse with clear water, directly blow dry silicone products with a hot fan, pay attention not to expose to the sun, silicone is a very strong corrosion-resistant materials. Note: the number of cleaning is not too frequent, otherwise the silicone cover will be yellowed.
         4. Wipe with alcohol, use a soft cotton cloth dipped in some alcohol to gently wipe.
         In fact, silicone products in the production process can avoid yellowing and sticky dust phenomenon, as long as the raw materials in the production process to join the anti-yellowing agent, then as the use of time becomes longer, the effect of yellowing is not obvious. And in the silicone products surface spraying a layer of feel oil, then silicone products are not so easy to stick to the dust.