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Instead of a rag, a silicone brush can be used, which is easy to use!

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Traditional cotton cloths are very absorbent, sticky every time when I wash dishes, and hard to dry, making them especially prone to bacteria. My sister recently gave me a new multi-purpose dishwashing brush that I couldn't do with the last time I used it. Come over and see if it's the brush for you!

  This new silicone brush is especially easy to use, has great cleaning and stain removal capabilities, and is easy to clean and non-absorbent. These silicone brushes are particularly comfortable to use and don't have to worry about hiding dirt. The strong cleaning bristles of the silicone brush not only have strong oil absorption and stain removal capabilities, but also have soft bristles that won't scratch dishes, making it very convenient and worry-free.

  Some fruits and vegetables (such as apples and potatoes) can be difficult to control when peeling with a knife. If you accidentally peel them too much, they will go to waste. The silicone brush is especially useful and is just a lightweight brush that is both fast and good. In addition to this function, the silicone brush is also insulating and can also be used as a thermal pad or coaster.

  Traditional wipes are damp and difficult to dry for long periods of time, and not only do they harbor bacteria, but they also tend to break, so they must be replaced frequently. The new silicone dishwashing brush on the market avoids these problems. It is environmentally friendly, easy to dry and durable, and one can be reused for a long time. The new dishwashing brush is made of environmentally friendly silicone material that is easy and safe to use. The brush has a perforated design and can be very dry by simply rinsing with water. It can be used to wash dishes, utensils, kitchen utensils as well as vegetables and fruits. Working in the kitchen is especially easy with the silicone brush.
  A clever way to solve trivial chores with a few simple tools, easily!