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Why are children's silicone bowls so popular?

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I just received an inquiry from a mother asking if your bowls are made of silicone and are they available for retail sale? I'm excited to see if the end customer is aware of silicone products. You can imagine how popular the market is for children users of silicone products!

  The use of plastic materials by children is moving towards the lower end and alternative. That's because plastics often contain radioactive toxins. Although some manufacturers say they can produce environmentally friendly products after multiple supply and demand processes, they have been in use for a long time. Still uneasy, but many mothers choose silicone products for children's tableware has become a market staple because silicone does not react with any substances or liquids, thus ensuring stability and safety, and the products are also stable due to their good stability. show their properties, such as resistance to high and low temperatures. Silicone tableware can be sterilized and cleaned at high temperatures and can also be stored in the refrigerator. Soft and comfortable. The product has good resilience and toughness and can be used for a long time without deformation. Good bending flexibility, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and a variety of colors and shapes to get children's attention!
  In the field of silicone products, daily products have been found in recent years. Because silicone products are known as materials certified by the National Environmental Protection Standards, products made from this material will certainly have more impact than other plastic products, but the processing methods are the same in terms of production and customization of silicone bowls. The production method, mixing, vulcanization molding and secondary vulcanization are the most important and the key to ensure quality and quality. The main component of its raw material is silica (which does not react with any substance. Conflict) is made by dissolving silica, silicone oil and silicone substances!
  Silicone children's bowls can be made in many shapes, many colors, and can also be configured into cartoon shapes. They are very popular among babies. Because the polygonal shape of silicone products has also taken over in children's tableware, so why not choose it? It's safe and healthy!