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The silicone puffs that have been played by beauty bloggers, and you don't even have them

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When you talk about silicone puffs you have to first talk about beauty bloggers that use silicone to apply their foundation! It is said that the use of it instead of other beauty tools on the makeup, you can experience the bottom of the makeup unprecedented degree of posture, and do not eat powder, can save a lot of foundation money.

There are people who have made their own silicone puffs. The conversion method is also very simple, take out a silicone breast pad, cut it into a smooth size, stick the sticky side together so as to prevent sticky hands, and then use the smooth side to apply makeup.

The way to apply makeup is similar to a powder puff, patting and gently pushing it away, and it can be bent and folded in various ways, so it can take care of all parts of the face.

It is not like traditional sponge puffs that tend to absorb powder.

The most important point is that it is easy to clean
It is easy to clean with water and it will look like new.
The most important thing is that it is easy to clean.
The medical silicone material, very soft, jelly texture
Very Q-tip and very good ductility
Can be used to apply BB, foundation, concealer, concealer and other foundation products
Such a good product you are not yet using?