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Silicon cookware and stainless steel cookware which is better

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Which is better, silicone cookware or stainless steel cookware? Here I'll look at the advantages and disadvantages of silicone cookware and stainless steel cookware.
Advantages of silicone cookware.
High temperature resistance: applicable temperature range -40℃ to 230℃, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens.
Easy to clean: silicone products produced from silicone can be rinsed in water to restore cleanliness after use, and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Long life: silicone raw materials are chemically stable, and the products made from them have a longer life than other materials.
Soft and comfortable: Thanks to the softness of silicone material, silicone kitchenware is comfortable to touch, very flexible and not deformed.
Various colors: according to the needs of customers, different beautiful colors can be deployed.
Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: from the raw material to the finished product, no toxic or harmful substances are produced.
Disadvantages of silicone cookware: can not be in contact with sharp things.
silicone cookware
Advantages of stainless steel cookware
Stainless steel cutlery contains trace metal elements such as manganese, titanium, cobalt and molybdenum, which are indispensable trace elements for the human body, the body can not synthesize itself, must be taken in from outside. If the human body lacks one or several trace elements, it will suffer from a variety of diseases. Food cooked with stainless steel tableware, people then eat, can make their own access to these trace elements.
Disadvantages of stainless steel kitchenware
Do not hold salt, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. for a long time, because the electrolytes in these foods will react with stainless steel in long-term contact, so that harmful substances are dissolved out. Also do not use stainless steel tableware to cook Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids, organic acids and other components, after heating and stainless steel in the composition of the reaction, will make the drug failure, and some even produce toxic compounds.
Compared to other iron, stainless steel and ceramic cookware, silicone cookware has many other very popular advantages. Silicone is a highly active adsorbent material, it has high strength softness, corrosion resistance, temperature and can withstand high temperatures, so in the process of use will not appear rust, hot hands, fragile and other problems.
In addition, silicone cookware also has a high temperature, so in life, whether it is hot or cold food can be used. And in the cold winter can also play the role of heat insulation, in the insulation at the same time will not burn the user's hands.
To sum up, silicone cookware and stainless steel cookware have their own benefits, according to the cookware use environment to choose silicone cookware and stainless steel cookware.