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Five brightly colored silicone bubbles are built into the plastic frame. The five attractive colors of silicone bubbles will attract the baby's attention and are beautifully designed. The little one can press this dimple toy to attract the senses, and the little finger can't resist
Put this toy in your happy little hands and witness the joy of their eyes glowing. The silicone bubbles are designed to repeatedly develop your child's fine gross motor functions and develop their attention span.
Tile and sensory toys that will keep your baby entertained for hours
The perfect size of the silicone pillow allows it to be carried around and fit easily in your handbag. The small holes around the edge help you secure it to a car seat or baby chair. This toy is sized to fit the palm of your child's hand.

Pay attention to your baby's health. Silicone pillow is made of BPA-free material, the frame is made of high quality plastic, non-toxic and non-hazardous, 100% food grade plastic, smooth edges, compact and beautiful size and color, perfect for children over 10 months old.

The biggest task for every mom is to go out and change the diaper. The baby won't cooperate. This candy-colored silicone pillow can attract baby's attention and stimulate vision. Repeated pressure can increase your baby's finger training and brain responsiveness