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Heat Resistance Silicone Rubber Gasket

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High temperature silicone gasket is made of high quality silicone rubber, non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistance, good elasticity, high strength, excellent heat resistance to air, aging performance, ozone resistance, insulation. It can work in air or oil medium under the condition of temperature -60℃-250℃, hardness up to 80 Shore hardness, good elasticity when Shore hardness is 30 degrees, excellent thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity -1.2 kcal/meter. Product use can be used for punching various kinds of sealing gaskets and gaskets with strict requirements. Suitable for the production of various high temperature resistant gaskets, rubber rollers, sealant strips and other hardware and machinery. Many special industries need high temperature resistant silicone gaskets 600 degrees, first of all, rubber silicone gaskets are more affected by the temperature, due to the different heat resistance of different rubber, such as fluorine rubber high temperature resistance, the highest temperature of natural rubber is about 120 degrees, of course, other kinds of rubber than the temperature resistance in a foot above.
silicone gasket
Product name:Silicone Rubber Gasket
silicone gasket
Extended information.
Special high temperature resistant silicone can reach 350 degrees. High temperature resistant silicone is refined with phenyl silicone rubber and fumed silica as the main raw materials, supplemented with high temperature resistant additives, making the product resistant to 300-350℃, without secondary vulcanization, high tear strength, good resilience, not easy to yellowing, good hand feeling.
It is not easy to be oxidized and degraded in ozone and radiation environment, and has good chemical stability; it has excellent water repellency, moisture resistance, shock resistance and physiological inertia, etc. High temperature resistant silicone products use: The product can be molded, extruded, used to manufacture suction cups, electronic device trays, miscellaneous parts, tubes, oven seals, high temperature resistant protective covers and other high temperature resistant silicone products.
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