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The high temperature resistance of silica gel is between 200~300 degrees Celsius.
High temperature silica gel is generally divided into high temperature resistant solid silica gel and high temperature resistant liquid silica gel, so the liquid silica gel should be kept in a liquid state, so the amount of heat resistant filler allowed to be filled is relatively less than the solid silica gel, so in general the solid silica gel is more heat resistant and easier to do.
For solid silica gel ordinary silica gel (not temperature-resistant grade) its instant temperature resistance can also be achieved 350 ℃, that is to say, ordinary silica gel in the high temperature oven in a second to take out, there will be no problem.
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1. A wide range of materials can be choosed ,such as NBR, HNBR,Neoprene,Aflas etc. 
2. Special material requirement available: High (300C + ) or low ( -70C ) temperature resistance, ozone resistance ,non-conductive, peroxide cured, etc 
3. Thousands of o ring sizes can be supplied.For most AS568 Standard Size,we have the mold.Our molds are all made from superior stainless steel.Can build the molds by ourselves.
4.OEM/ODM Service are available.Can design and produce variours Non-standard Rubber Parts according to your requirement.
silicone gasket maker
What are the properties of silicone gaskets and do I need to pay attention to anything?
Waterproof performance: Since the contact surface is in contact with water, it should not only be waterproof, but also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Imported food-grade silicone material can meet this requirement.
Sealing resilience: Even under the stable condition of the system, the two flanges connected will definitely have a small displacement due to temperature and pressure, and the elastic function of the gasket should be able to compensate for this displacement to ensure the sealing of the system.
Anticorrosive property: Long-term working use should maintain long-lasting chemical corrosion resistance, silicone gaskets are born with superior anticorrosive property, which is the best among many materials.
High and low temperature resistance: In the long-term work of gaskets and seals, high temperature does not melt, low temperature does not harden, etc. Silicone can reach -60 degrees to 300 degrees, which is an excellent material for high and low temperature resistance.
Pressure resistance sealing: For the medium of dense system, the gasket does not leak within a certain time at the recommended temperature and pressure.
silicone gasket maker
Are silicone gaskets resistant to high temperatures? What is the difference between silicone gaskets and rubber gaskets?
The answer is of course high temperature resistant, we have high temperature resistant silicone gaskets in our products, if you need, you can check it out, welcome to customize, we can make your most satisfactory products.
Silicone gaskets are used between two different objects to maintain the effect of cushioning and shock absorption, anti-slip protection, etc. They are usually used between two objects not to be disturbed by the pressure to prevent damage to the parts! Although different gaskets in different industries look unobtrusive, but its appearance has reduced a great threat for the aftermath, so that small accessories big role is this solid statement!
1, silicone gaskets are suitable for intervention in the daily use of environmentally friendly materials, due to the strong active material of silicone products, there is no conflict to chemical reactions, chemical reactions are stable, used in contact with daily life products fully meet the requirements, coupled with the material is no conflict to any material, in life with has been put into use for a long time! That resistance to high and low temperatures -40 to 260 degrees! Non-toxic and tasteless.
2, natural rubber gasket is suitable for water, seawater, air, inert gas, alkali, salt aqueous solution and other media, but not resistant to mineral oil and non-polar solvents, long-term use temperature does not exceed 90 degrees Celsius, excellent low temperature performance, can be used above -60 degrees Celsius. 
3, nitrile rubber is suitable for petroleum products, such as oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, long-term use temperature of 120 ℃, such as in the hot oil can be resistant to 150 ℃, low temperature of -10 ~ -20 ℃.
4, neoprene is suitable for seawater, weak acids, weak alkalis, salt solutions, excellent resistance to oxygen and ozone aging, oil resistance second to nitrile rubber and better than other general rubber, long-term use temperature below 90 ℃, the maximum use temperature does not exceed 130 ℃, low temperature of -30 ~ -50 ℃.
5, there are several varieties of fluorine rubber, they have good acid resistance, oxidation resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance. It can be used in almost all acid media as well as some oils and solvents, and the long-term use temperature is below 200℃. No matter in any industry, the gasket gasket basic have been applied to the wave, such as commonly used in the output pipeline, shock absorption electronic products, etc., the different roles of the gasket gasket can be selected with different materials, and the performance of different materials have the ability to make the overall product use effect and life more outstanding!
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